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Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition

End-to-everything visualization with vSwitch support

Experience unmatched visibility into VMware and Hyper-V environments. Get granular monitoring and management across the virtualization infrastructure stack from the virtual machine to the physical disk array. This includes a holistic view of your entire virtual infrastructure with vSwitch support for virtual networking in both Hyper-V and VMware. Quickly identify bottlenecks, analyze network traffic at the packet level and expose heavy bandwidth consumers all in one place.

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop monitoring

Pinpoint poorly performing user sessions before you get the call from frustrated users. Visualize and analyze across the entire Citrix VDI infrastructure, from individual user sessions and Active Directory logins to back-end VMs and virtualized storage tiers. The group topology view dynamically adjusts for virtual desktop user sessions and VM migrations within the data center. Leverage agentless monitoring of end-user experience encompassing Citrix user sessions, NetScaler performance, network latency, devices and virtual switches. Plus, predictive analytics with built-in domain expertise allow you to analyze both real-time and historical data for planning purposes.

Single-pane-of-glass dashboards

Remove the guesswork out of monitoring VMware and Hyper-V by consolidating both technologies into a single virtualization monitoring tool. Powerful dashboards with built-in intuitive workflows reveal overall VM and cloud health, current resource utilization, candidates for optimization and any issues that need immediate attention.

Powerful, patent-pending analytics with time saving automation

Quickly detect baseline operations, identify dynamic thresholds and get intelligent deviation analysis. Find performance bottlenecks and potential issues across your heterogeneous environment in seconds. Easily pinpoint problems and resolve them with one click. Gain visibility into all running processes to quickly determine those that are impacting VM performance and using resources inefficiently.

Resource optimization that reduces Opex and drives down Capex

Discover where you’re wasting budget and then reclaim the waste in your VMware or Hyper-V environments. Quickly identify and remove powered-off VMs, zombie VMs, abandoned images, unused templates and snapshots. Return overprovisioned resources back to your resource pool, and save thousands in license fees, disk space, server utilization and administrative time.

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User-driven automation

Undo changes, balance workloads across hosts and clusters, create new VMs, decommission VMs and remove unnecessary waste with the powerful automation capabilities of Foglight. Automation is driven by recommendations based on best-practice, patented algorithms. Remediate issues either on-demand or by using auto-remediate.

Change tracking and performance impact analysis

Facilitate performance troubleshooting with the ability to visualize changes to your VMware virtual infrastructure and correlate those changes to performance impact at the individual VM level. In depth VMware monitoring allows you to validate the performance impact of planned changes prior to implementing each change. Track harmful or unwanted modifications with detailed audit trails that include changes originating from administrators or directly from vSphere. Easily determine who made what change when and optionally choose to roll back changes that negatively impact performance.

Smart resource management

Take the guesswork out of capacity management, planning, VM placement and workload allocation. Intelligent analysis and automation capabilities help you predict future hardware resource requirements, reserve capacity for planned VM deployments and auto-deploy VMs into reserved slots. And with dynamic capacity planning, you can determine how to accommodate future workloads and create “what-if” scenarios to accurately forecast CAPEX requirements.

Chargeback and showback reporting

Simplify datacenter management and improve the return on investment of your existing IT infrastructure with cost visibility and accountability across virtualization operations. See how groups and workloads are consuming resources with the ability to allocate infrastructure costs. You can also easily charge back cost centers or external customers with a clear view of resources consumed and their associated costs.

VDI monitoring

Ensure end-user satisfaction with the ability to effectively manage and troubleshoot the performance of your VDI environment. Configure your VMware View environment with easy-to-use wizards and dashboards. Get insightful visibility, including in-depth monitoring of all components for quick resolution of connection server, pools, desktops, ESX servers and storage problems.

Customizable alerts, dashboards and reports

Real-time dashboards, proactive alerts and intelligent reporting help you proactively manage SLAs and maximize performance. Experience granular performance metrics with real-time to any-point-in-time drill-down and troubleshooting analysis to proactively avoid bottlenecks and performance issues. Get detailed alarms and recommended actions to help you accurately diagnose the root cause of problems and resolve them fast. Our robust reporting also allows you to plan performance enhancements and understand changes to infrastructure assets.

SLA management

Reduce mean time to resolution and deliver on SLAs with intelligent reporting. Get greater control over your entire virtual environment to prevent performance problems and quickly resolve issues before they impact user satisfaction. Better align IT with the organization by grouping VMs and components into services to measure service levels, perform chargebacks and report key data to stakeholders. Help administrators better perform their job with role-based views that help set expectations.

Integration with storage, Exchange and Active Directory

Take advantage of optional performance monitoring modules that enable full integration with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Active Directory.

Scalable architecture

Our solution grows with you to support multiple virtual centers, wherever they are located in the world. Easily manage multiple virtual data centers and multiple hypervisors from a single interface to help you understand the entire virtual infrastructure, reduce administration costs and minimize risk. And with third-party integration, you can bring new efficiencies and awareness to virtualization administrators with third-party system alerts.

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