May 19 2019

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House of real estate

House of real estate

Established in 1974, The HOUSE OF REAL ESTATE is recognized as one of Gosford’s original and longest running real estate agencies.

The company has seen many positive changes over the years, including a recent change of ownership and a fresh new look. By up-dating, training and modernising, we are always up with current trends.

The present owners had no hesitation in continuing to fly the name ‘The House of Real Estate’ as over the years it is has become a well known and trusted brand. Many of the early clientele still remember the original owners of the business, namely Graham Black and Fred Morters in particular, whom have certainly passed on their expertise.

The team at The House of Real Estate bring together a wealth of experience and local knowledge, servicing the local community’s Real Estate needs for a combined total of over 50 years. No matter what, we make it our aim to assist both our existing and new clientele in the best way possible. We have continued to carry on the respected standards and traditions of personal, caring attention to each valued customer, providing outstanding levels of customer service and achieving the best results for all.

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Happy Clients

“Testimonial- the house of real estate, Renee & Tony sold 2 of my properties in such a timely manner I cannot thank them enough.

Narara 2250 3 bedroom house in 2011 in 3 months and I received my asking price for this sale. Absolutely astonishing work.

Far away newly built property in Stroud 2425, 4 bedroom house. Although a bit longer to sell, it was almost an impossible task as not an overly populated area with growth and employment opportunity. This was sold with so much extra effort in November 2014. A very relieved experience achieved once again by the house of real estate. Could not have done this without you.

The house of real estate also leased my Narara property for a considerable amount of time with some brilliant tenants.

If I ever have any questions, require advice the house of real estate team are always there for me. No job is too large or too small for Renee & Tony.
Tony is now a very good life long friend, I will ALWAYS use his expertise in any future real estate matters I encounter.
I cannot thank you enough for all you have helped me with, your help will never be unnoticed or unappreciated.

I will always highly recommend this real estate for any property situations you come across and need assistance with. “

Zoe McCall.

“Dear House of Real Estate!! Thanks for doing such a good job in looking after my little castle in Cary Street!! Thanks Again.”

Peter Korsch

Just writing this letter for your reference regarding the handling of our property at Lisarow.

If anyone is thinking of selling or renting their property, you should have no hesitation of using the experience of Renee Capner or her company, our dealings with her was nothing but a delight to deal with and very professional in every aspect of her business.

We had our house with Renee’s business for a couple of years, in that time we never had any issues with anything. If we did her team quickly rectified any problems that arose.

We decided to sell and from the time we decided, it only took 2 days for the house to sell which was amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better result.

So in short, we recommend Renee for any future dealings.

We are very grateful, thanks”.

Tricia Tilley

Renee, has been everything you could possibly want from a property manager. Having bought from renee, I decided to keep her as my property manager as she is a kind, loyal, trusting person that will go above and beyond to please you as a customer. Her team is always available, and are very welcoming, efficient and professional.”

Jay Sharpe

“Renee is highly personable with an engaging personality. Renee was honest a and her advice worked like a charm. She always act prompt and efficient

We are pleased to recommend Renee to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is hands down the best in the business in our opinion”.

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