Sep 30 2016

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About us

A premier contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), Vetter is a global leader in the fill finish contract manufacturing of aseptically prefilled syringe systems, cartridges, and vials. We are a family-owned, independent company with facilities both in Germany and the US, as well as offices in Singapore and Japan. Our focus is on providing state-of-the-art manufacturing, from early clinical development and scale-up to commercial filling and packaging of parenteral drugs. We support you every step of the way, guiding your product through development, regulatory approval, launch, and life cycle management. Vetter offers you a foundation of experience spanning more than 35 years including dozens of product approvals for novel pharmaceutical and biotech compounds.

Aseptic vial filling

Vetter offers a comprehensive portfolio of aseptic vial filling and packaging capabilities for liquid and lyophilized vials at both a clinical and commercial scale.

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vial filling

Aseptic prefilled syringe filling

Vetter is one of the industry’s leading prefilled syringe manufacturing organizations, offering aseptic syringe filling on both a clinical and commercial scale.

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Aseptic cartridge filling

Vetter has a broad range of aseptic cartridge filling capabilities for single- and dual-chamber cartridges at a clinical and commercial scale.

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Vetter Answers

Growth of prefilled syringes continues to reflect the growth in biologics, complex compounds, and increasing requirements for patients and healthcare workers. Experts project that by 2024, the prefilled market will reach 6 billion units. Prefilled syringes offer innovative delivery options, help achieve market advantages at launch, and act as a valuable life cycle management strategy.

Vetter Newsroom

Its initial concept intends to offer its global customer base a US manufacturing opportunity for their market supply needs of commercialized drugs.

Customer award from one of the top-20 biopharmaceutical companies was granted for meeting ‘predetermined high-level demands of service’.

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