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About HL Pharma

Products are only sourced from registered suppliers. For example our UK suppliers must have a pharmaceutical wholesale or manufacturing license and be registered with the MHRA.

What are unregistered/unlicensed pharmaceuticals?

Within Australia, pharmaceuticals that are not registered with the Therapeutic Goods Agency (TGA) are considered unregistered. However, this does not necessarily mean they cannot to be used or are unsafe. They are often licensed products and valid in other geographical regions that have been tested, approved and manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). A product that is licensed by the MHRA in the UK but is yet to be registered in Australia with the TGA, would be considered an unregistered product here in Australia, if it is required for a patient there are various methods of obtaining it and HL Pharma can assist you in doing so.

Sometimes Australian registered products become unavailable here in Australia but are still available overseas. The overseas product would be considered an unregistered Australian product. HL Pharma can organise the supply. Pharmaceutical compounded products are also unregistered. Compounded products made by a pharmacist usually have no validated expiry date data or validated certificate of analysis. They may be prepared in facilities that are not registered with the TGA. Products licensed overseas will have validated expiry dates, certificates of conformity and will have appropriate data for approval within the countries they are licensed in.

In Australia there are various methods available to gain access to unregistered/unlicensed products. These include:

  • The Special Access Scheme
  • The Authorised Prescriber Scheme
  • The Personal Access Scheme
  • Exemptions under The Therapeutic Goods Regulations.

HL Pharma can provide information on the most appropriate method of obtaining these types of products. The use of unregistered/unlicensed pharmaceuticals is quite common but all those involved in the process, from the doctor, pharmacist to the patient, should make an informed decision when deciding to use these products. HL Pharma also exports pharmaceuticals to licensed facilities. If this is of interest to you please contact us .

Where are our products from?

Products come from the UK, EEC, USA and Canada. We only source products from registered pharmaceutical wholesalers and manufacturers. We ensure that the method of delivery to us ensures the correct temperature storage requirements for the product.

How are our products stored?

The HL Pharma warehousing facilities are fully temperature controlled with storage for ambient, refrigerated and frozen products.


The delivery of pharmaceuticals requires special attention. Simply posting the product is not a satisfactory option. HL Pharma expects the highest standards in the delivery of products from our suppliers into our warehouse to the delivery of your order.

We only use approved logistics suppliers and our packaging will ensure the temperature control required for each product. Refrigerated and frozen products require validated packaging so we will use temperature data loggers where appropriate.

HL Pharma delivers by courier throughout Australia within 1-2 working days. For metropolitan areas we strive to ensure a next day delivery service.

Contact HL Pharma

If you have any enquires for HL Pharma, please complete the form below.

How to Order

To order products with us you can phone us on +61 03 9823 6228 or contact us using the form above and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

HL Pharma Pty Ltd.
Level 19, 644 Chapel Street
South Yarra Victoria 3141 Australia
t: +61 03 9823 6228
f: +61 03 9826 3642

HL Pharma Pty Ltd. has a Drugs and Poisons Wholesale Licence (No. 24210303) issued by The Victorian Department of Health.

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