Jul 13 2018

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Healthcare industry braces for multiple hits from Senate tax bill

The sprawling tax cut legislation speeding through Congress is likely to result in major changes in healthcare, including significant insurance coverage losses, higher premiums, tighter access to capital and greater margin pressure for not-for-profit health systems.

CMS makes it official: Two mandatory bundled-pay models canceled

Healthcare market research

The CMS is moving ahead with its plan to cancel bundled-payment models that were predicted to save Medicare millions. The agency insisted it still supports moving Medicare from a fee-for-service to value-based system.

Policy reforms needed to lower drug prices

Healthcare market research

Access to affordable medicine is an unmet public health imperative, according to a new report that recommended government drug price negotiation, competition reform and financial transparency to alleviate the issue.


MASTERING MACRA: What you need to know about Medicare’s physician Quality Payment Program

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MACRA’s approach to reimbursing physicians is here, but many doctors and administrators are still trying to get a handle on how it works. Read on for tips on how to deal with this major change to the Medicare payment system.

Data Points: Getting a handle on readmissions

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53% of docs still not transitioning to value-based care

Healthcare market research

Most doctors surveyed for a joint AAFP and Humana report said they are not actively pursuing value-based purchasing opportunities because they aren’t sure they actually improve patient care.

Insurance sign-ups reach 2.8 million with two weeks left

Healthcare market research sign-ups have a lot of ground to make up before open enrollment ends on Dec. 15.


Azar proposes competition to combat high drug prices

Healthcare market research

In his initial confirmation testimony, former pharma executive and HHS secretary nominee Alex Azar said he would stop drug manufacturers from gaming the system and blocking generic competitors from the market.


For-profit healthcare faces multiple threats in 2018

Healthcare market research

Analysts say the for-profit healthcare sector should remain financially stable in 2018 so long as companies weather looming threats of disruption, regulatory changes and a shift toward outpatient surgeries.


Apple and Stanford launch Apple Watch heart study

Healthcare market research

Apple and Stanford Medicine are launching a research study that uses the Apple Watch to identify irregular heart rhythms. The tech giant is reportedly working on EHRs and other healthcare technologies as well.


Accessing behavioral health through primary care

Healthcare market research

Primary-care providers write most of the antidepressant prescriptions in the U.S., but these providers may have limited training in mental health treatment. Arun Gupta is giving primary-care providers and their patients access to mental health resources.

Safety & Quality

CMS trims list of possible Medicare quality measures

Healthcare market research

The CMS on Thursday released its annual list of measures under consideration for Medicare’s quality reporting and value-based purchasing programs. The number of measures under review is much smaller compared to last year when CMS considered nearly 100 measures.


Guest Commentary: Tax reform should mean improving the economy, but not at the expense of our healthcare system

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Between the Senate’s individual mandate repeal and cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, the tax bill, as it stands today, is set to do more harm than good to America’s health.


This week’s poll: Has Trump been good or bad for healthcare?

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Share your opinion in the latest edition of our biweekly reader poll. Has Trump been good or bad for healthcare?

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