Sep 2 2019

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consumer products industry

Consumer products industry

SF Chronicle: Scientist’s target: carcinogenic products

In a UC Berkeley classroom, Arlene Blum dived into a version of a chemistry lecture she has given for most of the past decade. There would be no h

Consumer products industry

Science Magazine: Tackling Toxics

Most Americans believe that if a chemical is in their cosmetics, their coat, or their couch, someone is making sure it’s safe for their health. In reality

Consumer products industry

PBS NewsHour: Calif. law change sparks debate over use of flame reta

Flame retardants are commonplace in most upholstered furniture to help prevent house fires. But studies have linked the chemicals to cancer and fertility problems, prompting California to change t

Consumer products industry

Fair Warning: Ketchup or PFAS With Those Fries?

As if cheeseburgers, fries and microwave popcorn weren’t enough of a dietary worry, now comes word that fast-food packaging is also a cause for concer

Consumer products industry

Chemical Watch: US House considers modifying flammability standards

Congressman Jared Huffman (D–California) has introduced legislation to revise the federal flammability standard for children’s car seats. This would al

Consumer products industry

Trim Tab: Interview with Arlene Blum

Summiting the world’s highest mountain peaks takes incredible strength, bravery and perseverance. Arlene Blum has climbed many of the world’s highest and

Consumer products industry

Charelston Gazette-Mail : New study reminds of chemicals in food wra

While enjoying fast food, many people feel some pangs of guilt at the calories and salt they are consuming. Today researchers are pointing to ye

Consumer products industry

San Jose Mercury News: Berkeley scientist battles toxic sofas to pro

The banner that Arlene Blum unfurled in 1976 on the 24,500-foot mark of the world’s highest mountain had an image of two petri dishes and an obscure mess

Consumer products industry

New York Times: Commonly Used Chemicals Come Under New Scrutiny

A top federal health official and hundreds of environmental scientists on Friday voiced new health concerns about a common class of chemic

Consumer products industry

KPFA Terra Verde Radio: A Sticky Issue: The Toxic Truth About Teflon

Listen Ever wondered if that chemical coating on your nonstick pan was safe for your health? Tune in on Friday, April 29 to learn more about the toxic chemicals present in the non

Consumer products industry

USA Today: Many couches contain potentially toxic flame retardants

From USA Today More than half of U.S. couches contain potentially toxic flame retardants that pose risks to humans as the chemicals migrate from furniture f

Consumer products industry

Scientific American: Do we need flame retardants in electronics?

Fear of fires, especially from lit cigarettes, helped ignite the decades-long practice of adding fire retardant chemicals to furniture and other house

Consumer products industry

The Telegraph: Antibacterial soaps may do more harm than good, scien

Anti-bacterial soaps and gels are useless and may cause harm, 200 scientists and medics have warned. The consensus statement, published in the scienti

Consumer products industry

Dr. Oz Show: Are there carcinogens in children’s pajamas?

Watch Video By law, children’s pajamas have to meet flammability standards to keep your kids safe from fires. And, people are asking questions a

Consumer products industry

Chicago Tribune: Furniture firms shun flame retardants but some toxi

New safety regulations allow upholstered furniture to be made without flame retardants, but consumers may find it difficult to tell whether a retail

Consumer products industry

CTV News: Soap and water as effective as antimicrobial products, say

A new statement from more than 200 scientists and medical professionals concludes that antimicrobial or antibacterial soaps do not provide any extra health benefits, a

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