Mar 12 2018

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Global Pharmaceutical Database 2011 is the most current and up-to-date pharma database in the market. While there are many contact lists available on the internet, none of them are accurate and focused on illustrating business contacts from different strategic processes and key departments within the pharma industry. This database is greatly essential for marketers and sales professional who are stuck in their business development activities as they do not have valid and accurate information on their target contacts at the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Includes 5000+ contacts from the Top 50 pharma companies from around the world.
  • Includes primary contacts related to Market research, Sales, IT, Supply chain and Procurement, Finance, Human Resources, Clinical research, Oncology, Biomarkers and Quality.
  • Information includes name, designation, address, phone no. and working email.
  • Includes contacts from multiple company locations hence constituting a global database.
  • Detailed company profiles and executive bios available on request

This database is extremely beneficial for:

  • Independent consulting houses targeting the pharma industry for market research and consulting
  • Supply and logistics companies who target the massive worldwide transportation and supply chain requirements of the pharma industry
  • Information technology and software firms who target the pharma companies to promote their CRM, MIS and ERP related products and services
  • Firms which deal in packaging material for pharma and healthcare markets.
  • Marketing and branding firms who are looking to cater to the huge potential of the pharma and biotech market.
  • Recruitment agencies and consultancies.
  • Chemical manufacturers that deal in pharmaceutical raw materials.

This database was created using the best in practice primary research tools. An average 15 minutes are spent in collecting Intel of 1 contact. We have spent more than 1000 manual hours in building this accurate list of contacts. You save money and also a lot of time by using the Global Pharma Database 2010. By having this tailor made database you can now pump new life in your marketing and PR activities.

For more information on the Global Pharmaceutical Database 2010 and to request free trial, please fill in the below form.

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