Mar 15 2018

Girton Manufacturing, Washing equipment for pharmaceutical, food and research industries, pharmaceutical equipment.#Pharmaceutical #equipment

pharmaceutical equipment

Pharmaceutical equipment

Washing equipment for pharmaceutical, food and research industries.

Pharmaceutical equipment

The Company

A tradition of quality since 1927. Girton Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a manufacturer of stainless steel washing equipment for Food and Dairy Processing, Pharmaceutical Production and Laboratory Animal Care Equipment. Girton s custom line of over 12 model variations of cabinet and conveyorized systems allow machines to be developed to meet most any need. When your.

Pharmaceutical equipment

Food Processing

Girton s responsiveness to the food industry has propelled us to develop and direct major changes in food washing equipment and set higher standards within the industry. Some of Our Developments Designing washing systems for weighing scales used in the food packing industry Integrating water conservation systems into equipment. Designing equipment to eliminate.

Pharmaceutical equipment

Laboratory Research

We have been a recognized industry leader in laboratory washing equipment for over 45 years. Argonne National Labs became our first customer in this arena, when in 1955 it ordered two stainless steel washers to clean animal cages. That request spurred the development of out Laboratory Division, which today manufactures washing equipment for Laboratories, Universities.

Pharmaceutical equipment

Pharmaceutical Washing Equi.

Expanding our expertise into the pharmaceutical market in 1979, Girton quickly became an innovator: Girton built the first personnel washer for pharmaceutical facilities. Girton developed and built for McGaw Laboratories an all-stainless steel rinser with rising jets to wash plastic intravenous solution bottles. Our turnaround time for quoting, manufacturing, and.

Pharmaceutical equipment

Thermal Storage

King Zeero Ice Builders were founded in 1929. For 32 years King Zeero Ice Builders were manufactured in Chicago, Illinois. In 1962 the King Zeero was purchased by Girton Manufacturing Co., Inc. and production was moved to Millville, PA. By 1959 over 5,000 units were sold and installed throughout the United States and abroad. For the next 39 years construction of the King.

Girton Commitment

While Girton tradition takes root in its 90 years of customer service, we present for the future The Girton Commitment. The combined strength of our engineering, manufacturing and servicing skills to continually provide superior assistance and results.

Direct Contact Info.

Address: 160 West Main Street

Millville, PA 17846

Customized Solution

Deeply ingrained within Girton s character lies the commitment to build the proverbial better mousetrap , a desire which steers our company to persistently push technology and its capabilities.

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