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consumer products industry

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Consumer products industry Data Storage

The latest midrange data storage product produced with Barium Ferrite magnetic particles using Fujifilm’s core NANOCUBIC thin-film coating process.

Consumer products industry Optical Devices

A world leader, FUJINON optical technology and production provide superb lens grinding, electron beam coating, aspherical glass lens fabrication to meet customer requirements.

Consumer products industry Aqueous Inkjet Inks and Colorants

A world leader in developing and manufacturing high-performance aqueous inkjet inks, pigments and dyes, including customer-focus bespoke inks.

Consumer products industry Industrial Inkjet Printheads

Industrial printheads that deliver superior ink jetting performance and flexibility for digital textile printing and decorative applications including ceramics and wallpaper.

Consumer products industry Semiconductor Materials

Providing the leaders in the semiconductor industry, chemistry, photo resists, cleaners and etchants, photosensitive materials for IS applications, photovoltaic materials and delivery systems.

Consumer products industry

Value from Innovation

For the over 80 years Fujifilm has continually invested in research and development resulting in world-class and highly versatile fundamental core technologies. While these technologies have their roots in photo, this expertise allows Fujifilm to invent and innovate new products and services for diverse businesses that will shape the future for Fujifilm, and enhance the quality of people’s lives worldwide. Watch Fujifilm’s Innovation Video

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