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Submitted by Nir on Mon, 05/23/2016 – 11:35

For a while now I’ve been having to manually approve posts and most comments to stem the tide of constant spam that’s been hitting the forum for as long as I can remember. This has not been ideal, especially of late since I’ve been so very busy with work, days would often go by before I could tend to the approval queue. Making our users wait that long just to be able to participate in a discussion is not practical, it’s not fair, and it’s not conducive to a healthy dialog.

Submitted by Ortali on Tue, 02/09/2016 – 14:07

Thanks entirely to Rainey Reitman, the EFF’s Activism Director, we are very happy to announce that our PayPal account has been restored.

As the EFF has helped us many times in the past, it seemed natural to reach out to Rainey, who has written a number of EFF blog posts specifically about PayPal and credit card companies. We want to send a shout-out to Rainey Reitman and the EFF for all that they do.

And we thank all of our users for standing by us during this difficult time. Thank you so much for your support!

Submitted by Ortali on Mon, 10/26/2015 – 12:19

As some of you already know, PayPal suddenly and unceremoniously decided to end a very friendly working relationship with us that lasted 14 years (and included the occasional personal christmas card.) We have asked repeatedly for an explanation of this behavior, but have been stonewalled at every turn, and have received only form emails telling us that we needed to be “pre-approved” for an account. When we asked what we need to do to be pre-approved, they emailed back and said that they are “not granting pre-approval at this time”.

Submitted by Nir on Sat, 10/10/2015 – 11:24

Edit. Should be all good now. Looks like we had to install certificates for our CA (certificate authority) in addition to our own.

If you’re getting a security warning in your browser when trying to get to the Donate page, please stand by. It looks like we installed our new domain certificate incorrectly. We’re working to fix it now.

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