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Faculty Research

Medical market research

HBS Book

Entering StartUpLand: An Essential Guide to Finding the Right Job

Jeffrey J. Bussgang

Medical market research

Review of Accounting Studies 20, no. 3 (September 2015): 1122–1163

Speaking of the Short-Term: Disclosure Horizon and Managerial Myopia

Francois Brochet, Maria Loumioti and George Serafeim

Medical market research

Leadership Initiative

Christine Lagarde

Julie Battilana, Carin-Isabel Knoop, Vanessa Ampelas and Noemie Assenat

Medical market research

Featured Case

Zalora Philippines: From Growth to Profitability

Donald Ngwe and Thales Teixeira

Medical market research

Featured Case


Laura Alfaro, Jesse Schreger and Haviland Sheldahl-Thomason

Medical market research

HBS Working Knowledge

Healthy Business? Managerial Education and Management in Healthcare

Nicholas Bloom, Raffaella Sadun, Renata Lemos, and John Van Reenen

Medical market research

HBS Working Paper

Mutual Funds as Venture Capitalists? Evidence from Unicorns

Sergey Chernenko, Josh Lerner and Yao Zeng


  • organizational change and adaptation
  • Brands and Branding
  • entrepreneurship
  • strategy
  • growth and development strategy
  • health care and treatment
  • competition
  • marketing
  • business startups
  • Competitive Advantage
  • competitive strategy
  • business strategy
  • Innovation and Invention
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business History
  • Marketing Strategy
  • technology
  • Decision Making
  • Change Management
  • Restructuring

Highlights from


First Look at New Research and Ideas, November 21, 2017

How Independent Bookstores Have Thrived in Spite of Amazon.com

Equity Concerns Are Narrowly Framed

Language and Globalization: The Mandate to Speak English at Rakuten

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Initiatives Projects

The Business and Environment Initiative seeks to deepen business leaders’ understanding of today’s environmental challenges and to assist them in developing effective solutions.

The Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship supports Harvard Business School’s mission to “educate leaders who make a difference in the world” by infusing this leadership perspective with an entrepreneurial point of view.

The Global Initiative builds on a legacy of global engagement by supporting the HBS community of faculty, students, and alumni in their work, encouraging a global outlook in research, study, and practice.

The Forum for Growth and Innovation is designed to discover, develop and disseminate robust, accessible theory in the areas of innovation and general management, in order to create a tighter link between research and practice in general management.

The Health Care Initiative serves as a gateway for health care research, educational programs, and collaboration across all sectors of the health care industry.

The Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness studies competition and its implications for company strategy; the competitiveness of nations, regions and cities; and solutions to social problems.

The Leadership Initiative undertakes cutting-edge research and course development projects about leadership and leadership development, both within HBS and through collaborations with other organizations.

Faculty members from Harvard Business School and Harvard Graduate School of Education launched the Public Education Leadership Project (PELP) to create and disseminate knowledge about how to manage urban school districts.

The Social Enterprise Initiative at HBS applies innovative business practices and managerial disciplines to drive sustained, high-impact social change.

The U.S. Competitiveness Project is a research-led effort to understand and improve the competitiveness of the United States. The project is committed to identifying practical steps that business leaders can take to strengthen the U.S. economy.

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Medical market research

Here’s the story of one of the first kidney exchange transplants in Mexico, as part of a global kidney exchange chain the U.S.Donación renal pareada, ¿qué es y a quién beneficia? (Paired renal donation,

Medical market research

Online travel agencies (“OTAs,” such as Expedia and Priceline) charge hotels fees that can reach 25% or even more. In today’s post, I assess the caues of these fees as well as the tactics OTAs have used

Medical market research

Discussing President-elect Trump’s comments on the pharmaceutical industry with Bill George, Harvard Business School senior fellow and former Medtronic CEO.

Faculty Positions

Harvard Business School seeks candidates in all fields for full time positions. Candidates with outstanding records in PhD or DBA programs are encouraged to apply.

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