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European Pharma Summit

Pharma conferences

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We invite you to attend the European Pharma Summit in Berlin, Germany on November 16-17, 2017. This event seeks to create a forum for colleagues across multiple disciplines, from both private and public sectors, to gather and exchange ideas. Delegates from pharmaceutical organizations, biotech companies, and leading academic institutions will gather to listen to presentations on innovative findings in drug discovery and network with both new and old colleagues.

The landscape for drug design has changed drastically over the past few years: private and public partnerships are changing how research is being done, researchers are using 3D model systems in hopes of improving clinical outcomes, and emerging target classes are changing traditional concepts of the drug discovery process.

The European Pharma Summit will have opening and closing plenary sessions on the following:

  1. State of Design and Industry in Pharmacological Drug Discovery
  2. Chemical Biology for Target Identification and Validation
  3. Hot Topics in Drug Discovery for the Future

12th Drug Design Medicinal Chemistry

  1. Tools and Technologies for Drug Discovery
  2. Novel Computational Methods Predictive Models
  3. Epigenetic Based Inhibitors

5th GPCR Targeted Screening

  1. GPCR Structure-Based Drug Discovery
  2. GPCR Signaling Pathways and Mechanisms
  3. Screening Technologies for GPCRs

3rd Kinase Inhibitors in Drug Discovery

  1. Technological Advances for Studying the Kinome
  2. Novel Alternative Approaches in Drug Discovery
  3. Optimizing Target Residence Times in Kinase Drug Development
  4. Overcoming Therapeutic Resistance

We hope to see you in Berlin!

The 2017 Advisory Committee

Amber Kempf at 626-256-6405 or amber.kempf [at]

Corporate Partner

Pharma conferences

Pharma conferences

Using novel epigenetic technology, Epiontis provides precise and reproducible immunomonitoring services for clinical trials. The epigenetic PCR tests are based on in-house developed and IP protected markers specific for immune cell types (Treg, Th17, overall Tcells, etc.). Frozen whole blood or tissue can be used, permitting easy storage and logistics.

Program Partners

Pharma conferences

Pharma conferences

Viracor Eurofins provides clinical trial biomarker testing services with expertise in custom assay transfer, design and validation for phase I-IV trials. Our CAP/CLIA and NY state accredited laboratory has over 30 years of experience in molecular testing, immune response monitoring, vaccine safety/efficacy assessment, allergy and hypersensitivity testing.

Pharma conferences

Pharma conferences

Cancer Genetics Inc. (CGI; Nasdaq: CGIX) is a leader in enabling precision medicine in oncology from bench to bedside through the use of oncology biomarkers and molecular testing. CGI is developing a global footprint with locations in the US, India and China. The Company offers a comprehensive range of laboratory services that provide critical genomic and biomarker information. Its state-of-the-art reference labs are CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited in the US and have licensure from several states including New York State. CGI has established strong clinical research collaborations with major cancer centers such as Memorial Sloan Kettering, The Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Keck School of Medicine at USC and the National Cancer Institute.


Pharma conferences

Pharma conferences

Reaction Biology Corp. is a CRO that specializes in epigenetic and kinase HTS and profiling services. RBC’s radioisotope based assays feature the largest collection of kinase epigenetic targets available to the industry, including more than 559 kinases, 100+ reader domains, 30 methyltransferases, all HDACs and SIRTs, demethylases and more. RBC also produces high quality epigenetic proteins that are available for purchase.

Pharma conferences

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