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biotech industry

Biotech industry

Biotech industry Biotech industry Biotech industry Biotech industry Biotech industry Biotech industry

Safe Solutions to Environmental Issues

Specialized Products, Equipment and Engineering are combined with common sense and practical experience on projects around the globe. Our clients get exceptional results at a reasonable cost. See Client Testimonials and Project Comments .

The site of science, green technology and useful products that are distributed and used in over 40 countries worldwide for I ndustry , Agriculture .

Products – Services – Engineering

Your first question may be Why use Advanced BioTech? The products are developed using extremely sophisticated technology for excellent performance in Real World conditions and designed to be simple to use in most applications..

The products and equipment were developed for large scale industrial applications where a majority of our products are used.

The Green Technology Experts from the Beginning

Advanced BioTech offers safe solutions to complex problems

Modern Bi otechnology is the foundation of Advanced BioTech, an emerging world leader in providing safe products and solutions for complex challenges. ( Science Information )

Biotechnology, simply stated, is the application of biological processes to develop and create products. Many of our products are produced using this method.

The true potential for applications of these new products is being realized in agricultural , industrial, commercial, municipal, governmental, environmental and even residential uses.

Advanced BioTech develops and markets unique product formations for solving numerous challenges. These sophisticated products are easy to store and apply .

This progressive technology is promoted by the U.S. Department of Commerce and The State of California Environmental Protection Agency for international distribution and use.

Primary products , equipment and technology include odor neutralizers, odor control systems, algae control, wastewater treatment, petroleum oil spill cleanup using bioremediation, enhancements for agriculture using our knowledge in soil microbiology to develop crop quality improvement, plant nutrition and biofertilizer products .

Absolutely the Best Available Products, Technology, Equipment, Engineering for the related issues anywhere in the world – Real Solutions in Today’s World.

Innovative T echnolog y

O dor C ontrol · A lgae C ontrol · O il S pill C leanup B ioremediation ·

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