Apr 22 2017

Enhanced Datasets on India’s Pharmaceutical Sector #pharmaceutical #industry #market #share

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Enhanced Datasets on India’s Pharmaceutical Sector

CEIC India Data Talk – Database Expansion Highlights: Pharmaceutical Sector Statistics – March 17, 2015

  • The Indian Premium Pharmaceutical Sector Statistics have been expanded to include detailed sector-wise operational indicator statistics (such as growth in sales, expenses, interest, tax and profitability) of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The performance of the pharmaceutical sector is further disaggregated to highlight the involvement of the public sector in this industry, in line with the government’s plan for public sector enterprises to act as a driver for self-reliant economic growth. Detailed breakdowns looking at the six state-owned pharmaceutical companies provide an indication of how well the public sector corporations are performing relative to the overall industry and economy.
  • The growth prospects of the Pharmaceutical Sector can also be further assessed by the availability of related tertiary education courses (ranging from Masters to Doctorate programmes). Given the knowledge-intensive nature of the industry and extensive research and studies required, the number of people pursuing a higher level of education specializing in pharmaceutical related courses may help to determine the future sustainability and growth of this sector from the supply of human capital.
  • The policy and regulation element of the pharmaceutical sector is also covered in this enhancement through the addition of data series on the maximum sale price of prescription drugs. The price ceiling for pharmaceutical products, which is regulated by the government through the Drug Price Control Order, is an important aspect of strategic planning for investment in production, and research and development for pharmaceutical companies.
  • To supplement the implementation of price control in India’s pharmaceutical sector, statistics on the monitoring and enforcement of the price ceiling, with cases of overcharging, are also available in the India Premium Database.
  • The pharmaceutical industry is an increasingly important sector to the Indian economy as India becomes an important player in the global pharmaceutical market. These statistics allow users to evaluate the growth of the sector, and gauge their potential economic impact.

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