Drug Channels: Key Insights on Drug Prices and Manufacturer Rebates from the New 2015 IMS Report, ims data pharma.#Ims #data #pharma

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ims data pharma

Ims data pharma


  • Spending on medicines and invoice price spending both refer to the amounts paid to distributors by their pharmacy or hospital customers.
  • Net price spending is an estimate of the net revenues received by pharmaceutical manufacturers. It therefore reflects estimated rebates, off-invoice discounts, chargebacks, cash discounts, and other price concessions made by manufacturers to distributors, health plans and intermediaries.

None of these terms, however, directly correspond to pharmacy revenues, a plan sponsor s drug costs, and national healthcare expenditures. For example:

  • Pharmacy revenues, for example, roughly equate to IMS s spending on medicines for outpatient dispensing channels minus off-invoice discounts and rebates provided by wholesalers (but not manufacturers) to pharmacies plus channel margins earned by pharmacies.

Ims data pharma

As I explain in Four Takeaways on Drug Spending Realities from the New 2015 Express Scripts Drug Trend Report, a change in spending has two components: changes in unit costs and changes in utilization.

Ims data pharma

While these new IMS data are incredibly informative, I wonder whether the growing divergence between invoice and net prices is sustainable. Politicians continue to excoriate drug makers for their list prices. Meanwhile, channel intermediaries PBMs, wholesalers, pharmacies, and hospitals base their economic models on list prices. Mind the gap.

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