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Does Insurance Cover a Crime Scene Cleanup?

Does insurance cover a crime scene? It s a difficult question to consider after the unexpected loss of a loved one. But, it s unavoidable unless you understand your insurance policy before such an event occurs. There are costs associated with moving forward from a tragedy, and crime scenes can often require a lot of cleanup and disinfecting in order to return your home to livable conditions.

How Insurance Helps with Crime Scenes

Crime scene cleaner

When you re faced with tending to the cleanup and restoration of a crime scene, you should consult with your homeowners insurance adjuster to see what coverage your policy provides. Some homeowners insurance policies can help pay for biohazard and crime cleanup specialists, like Aftermath , for murders, attempted murders, or unattended death.

If a policy is older or held with a smaller insurance company, there is a chance that this type of cleanup and remediation isn t covered. However, most current policies do provide you coverage. However, there is no guarantee that your policy does cover crime scene cleanup, and you should contact your insurance adjuster for confirmation.

Aftermath Can Help With or Without Coverage

At Aftermath, we understand that no one anticipates facing these types of tragedies, which is why we accept many types of insurance policies and payment plans to help alleviate your stress.

In addition to our competitive hourly rates, additional factors can affect the price for our services, including:

  • The number of affected rooms
  • The amount of structural damage
  • The length of time the body was left unattended
  • Additional complications (e.g. hoarding, machinery, large amounts of personal property)

If you re paying with insurance, our standard service includes complete, detailed documentation and photography of before and after treatment. We work directly with your insurance provider to submit the bill and resolve payments, so your only responsibility will be paying the deductible.

If you don t have insurance, you still have options. We payment options and assist with third-party sources of funding, such as:

  • Victims compensation assistance
  • Discount programs
  • Payment plans
  • Aftermath financial assistance, if eligible

Aftermath is Always Ready to Help Families Begin Recovering

We believe no one should have to suffer through the cleaning process alone, and we provide compassionate, customer-focused care with all our services. We re here to help. If you or someone you know could benefit from our services, please contact us today .

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Crime scene cleaner

Crime scene cleaner

Crime scene cleaner

Crime scene cleaner

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