May 19 2019

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Denver university location

Airport Service

RTD is making local and international travel easier than ever. With the University of Colorado A Line and SkyRide bus service we’re providing easy, affordable, and reliable transportation to Denver International Airport with direct access to airline check-in, baggage check, security screening, and baggage claim.

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The easiest way to and from Denver International Airport

Flagger Removal

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) has obtained approval from the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for the removal of the crossing attendants, or flaggers, from six of the 11 at-grade crossings along the University of Colorado A Line, which travels between Denver Union Station and Denver International Airport. The approved at-grade crossings are at Havana, Chambers, Clayton, Dahlia, Holly and Steele streets.

Denver Transit Partners (DTP), which operates the rail line under contract to RTD, will begin removing the flaggers in a phased approach beginning at 6 p.m. Friday, June 22, 2018 from four crossings (Clayton, Steele, Holly and Dahlia) and at 6 p.m. Monday, June 25, 2018 from two crossings (Havana and Chambers). RTD is working with the CPUC and FRA on the final approvals and the flagger-removal process for the five remaining at-grade crossings. These approvals are also an important step forward in the process to establish quiet zones along the University of Colorado A Line.

RTD urges all pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists to please continue to be aware of and obey all signs and safety alert devices at all at-grade crossings. Warning devices such as gates, flashers and signage are in place for the protection of the traveling public, and it is dangerous and illegal to disobey or disregard the warning devices at any railroad crossing. Please look both ways before crossing, and expect a train to arrive on any track from any direction at any time.

CPUC Ruling

RTD received favorable rulings from the CPUC regarding G Line progress, gate attendants along the University of Colorado A Line and G Line, and establishing quiet zones.
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Update on the operational waiver for the University of Colorado A Line

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) approved RTD’s plan for the demobilization of at-grade crossing attendants (flaggers) on the private at-grade crossing on the B Line. The FRA has also approved RTD’s request for the final testing of the G Line. RTD still needs approval from the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to complete the testing on the G Line. RTD did request that approval from the CPUC, however, the Commission denied RTD’s motions to complete the testing on the G Line at-grade crossings. RTD is still awaiting the written decision from the Public Utilities Commission that will determine the next steps in the G Line opening. Final approval from the CPUC regarding the at-grade crossings on the University of Colorado A Line is needed in order for RTD to remove attendants (flaggers) and seek quiet zones along the commuter rail lines.
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G Line Opening Update

RTD has received approval from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to begin the next phase of testing on the G Line that will include using multiple trains more frequently. As many as 3 trains could be running along the line from 3:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. the following day.

If you live in the area of the G Line tracks, please use caution when moving and driving through the area. During this extended testing, train horns will be sounding consistently. As a safety precaution, flaggers will still be mandated and present at the at-grade crossings.

G Line Opening Update

The G Line will open to the public on Friday, April 26.
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G Line

If you live in the area of the G Line tracks, please use caution when moving and driving through the area. Train horns will be sounding consistently until the line opens on Friday, April 26, 2019. As a safety precaution, flaggers will still be mandated and present at the at-grade crossings.

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RTD’s University of Colorado A Line and SkyRide bus service offer convenient, affordable options to get to and from Denver International Airport (DEN). Getting to the airport costs just $10.50 from anywhere in the RTD service area. Catch frequent train service from downtown Denver, northeast Denver, and Aurora, or catch the SkyRide bus from Boulder, Thornton, and the Denver Tech Center.

SkyRide Bus

SkyRide buses depart from each SkyRide stop on an hourly basis throughout the day and into the late evening. Look up your schedule and get going.

Traveling with luggage on SkyRide bus

RTD’s coach-style SkyRide buses are well equipped to serve passengers traveling with luggage.

  • Buses feature under-seat and over-head storage space inside the bus for carry-on luggage and personal items.
  • Spacious under-coach storage bins can accommodate larger pieces of luggage. Perfect for large bags, bikes, and skis.
  • SkyRide drivers will assist with loading and unloading luggage in the under-coach bins.

Additional Service to Denver International Airport

The 169L and 145X do not offer the same amenities as SkyRide busses such as additional luggage storage or driver assistance with handling or loading/unloading luggage.

Route 55L – Olde Town Arvada

Route 55L provides service between downtown Olde Town Arvada and Union Station. This route will accommodate travelers to/from DIA and downtown Denver. This bus service will also accommodate travel with luggage. See schedules.

University of Colorado A Line

Trains depart to and from the airport every 15 minutes throughout the day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Early morning and late evening trips depart every 30 minutes.

A Line Schedule

The University of Colorado A Line serves downtown Denver, RiNo, Park Hill, Stapleton, Aurora, Green Valley Ranch, and Denver International Airport.

Traveling with luggage by train

The commuter rail trains that serve the airport are specially designed to accommodate travelers with luggage.

  • Convenient level boarding means you can wheel your luggage directly onto the train without the hassle of stairs.
  • Luggage storage is available above each seat and larger pieces of luggage can be stored in the luggage towers on each train car. Please store your luggage securely and ensure that luggage does not block the aisle or exits.
  • RTD train operators are not available to assist you with loading or unloading, so be sure that you can carry or wheel all your luggage by yourself.

R Line connection to Peoria Station

The R Line connects to the University of Colorado A Line at Peoria Station.

R Line Schedule

The R Line light rail serves areas in southeast Denver, along I-225 through Aurora, with connection to commuter rail service at Peoria Station that continues on to Denver International Airport.

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