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Customer Reviews: Herb Pharm – Pharma Kava Extract 1 oz Health and Beauty #medley #pharma

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Customer Reviews

This is my favorite of all the kava kava supplies I’ve found. If you’re prone to anxiety or even find yourself infrequently in situations that make you anxious this extract could be a great ally. It’s extremely helpful when dealing with uncomfortable emotions, such as anger. I find it’s effect to be almost immediate.

Herbal remedies just don’t work the same way on everyone. Do not use this extract if you’re expecting some kind of buzz. I’m sure there are other substances on this planet for that. Ditto if you are Judy Garland or someone who has to down three cans of Red Bull just to function and then needs a partial labotomy or a shamanic drum-trance just to wind down in the evening. It’s effect is subtle but, in my experience, perfectly noticeable. It will not pacify you, it will make you smile. Your tensions will relax and frustration will dissipate. It is as if you are suddenly standing in a warm ray of sunlight rather than having just downed your third bourbon sidecar. I don’t find it to be sleep-inducing either, which makes it good to carry around with you during the day.

Yes, it tastes terrible, but so does absinthe (of which it reminds me). I think it’s best in orange juice or something else of a citrus nature. This isn’t something you want to sip, either. Mix it into something and chug-a-lug. Incidentally, if you are a heavy drinker, I don’t think this will work too well as a remedy for anxiety. Plus, it could be downright toxic for your liver, or at least that’s what the label says. Everything in moderation!

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Herb Pharm Herbs are the Best

By A Reader on December 19, 2011

Found Kava to be stronger acting than Valerian. The taste isn’t very pleasant, but by adding a bit of milk the taste isn’t too bad. Herb Pharm herbs are the best hand down. I also like Gaia herbs.

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By Justin on October 9, 2011

I have tried kava kava in four forms: Yogi Stress Relief Kava tea, Kona Kava Farm whole root powder, NOW brand kava kava capsules, and Pharma Kava.

Pharma Kava is not worth purchasing. I only once noticed a minimal effect, and that was when I ingested half of a bottle. At that point, it may have been the alcohol in the tincture. This makes it only slightly better than Yogi tea, which has no effect. I highly recommend either of the other types mentioned, the advantage of the whole root powder being that it is less expensive, the advantage of the capsules being that it is concentrated and less powder needs to be ingested.

Whatever you purchase, keep this information in mind:

An empty stomach is necessary for the absorption of kava kava.

If you buy capsules, as in the NOW brand, do not swallow the capsules. Open them, and drink them in water or a beverage that is not highly sweetened (sugar, in my experience, works against the kava buzz). It will taste foul, but for some reason I only get a minimal effect if I swallow the capsules. You can also leave the kava drink in your mouth for a while, where the active compounds will be partially absorbed sublingually. The dosage on the NOW bottle says 1-2 capsules. You’ll have to find the perfect dosage for your own physiology and needs, but don’t give up if 1-2 capsules does not have an effect for you. It is practically a homeopathic dose, as far as I can tell.

Kava numbs your mouth, especially the first few times you drink it. It also numbs your stomach, which can feel like nausea.

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Calm in a storm

By Floyd Wilson on February 5, 2013

Herb Pharm is the best supplier for this product. kava for myself that is takes the edge off of my pain .

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Don’t waste your money

By BennyB123 on January 17, 2012

I tried the actual tea in Hawaii and it made me feel great. This pharma kava and all other extracts literally did nothing. I ended up buying a second bottle to chug the whole thing, and still absolutely no results. Whats more it tastes worse and is harder to swallow than the actual tea. Save your money and buy the powder drink. much more effective. I’d give no stars if I could.

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