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Cosmetology Program

Cosmetology Program

This is the primary Cosmetology Course for those who are entering the career to qualify for and obtain initial license as a professional Cosmetologist. It includes training in all phases of the career during the required 1,500 clock hours. This course can be completed in 45 weeks. A schedule of fees listing all costs and budget plans may be obtained by contacting the school. Tuition for the course is $14,995.00. This may be paid in full, set up on a payment plan, or with financial aid for those who qualify.

Compare a 4-year degree to a degree in Cosmetology.

Most Cosmetology grads enjoy flexible schedules, a relaxed/fashionable dress code, earning potential that is limited only by your drive and determination to succeed, a chance to express their creativity and a recession-proof career!

Cosmetology is typically a 45-week program.

During the typical 45-week program, your course schedule will be a complete submersion into learning all there is to know about cosmetology. Just think, in less than a year you could be on your way to a career you love!


How much is tuition?

Tuition for the complete cosmetology course is $14,995.

How can I pay for it?

You may pay in full by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. We will also be glad to set up a payment plan (see below). Grants and loans are available to those who qualify. To apply for grants, loans, and other financial assistance – see below for details.

Tuition Payment plans

Plan I: $4995 down, $150 weekly: Plan I includes an initial payment of $4995 this is due on the first day of class. To the remaining balance of $10,000, we add a one time finance charge of 5% ($520). The remaining balance of $10,520 can be paid on a weekly basis of $150 per week until the balance is paid in full.

Plan II: $7495 down, $575 monthly: Plan II includes an initial payment of $7495—this is due on the first day of class.To the remaining balance of $7500, we add the one time finance charge of 5% ($375). The remaining balance of $7875 can be paid on a monthly basis of $575 per month until the balance is paid in full.

Plan III: Pay in full: You may pay in full by check, cash or credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Discover accepted).

Are there additional costs?

All students are required to purchase a training kit, which includes all of your textbooks, reference materials, printed training notes, and all of the cosmetology tools you will need. We offer this to all of our students at the discounted rate of $1000. The kit includes hair shaping shears, blending shears, razor, curling iron, flat iron, hair dryer, mannequins, manicuring tools, and much, much more! The only other costs will be a $99 technology fee and your uniform. All additional costs will need to be paid in full on the first day of class.


Federal Student Aid (Pell Grant)

Grants provide money to help students further their education and skills after high school. For many students. these grants provide a foundation of financial aid, to which aid from other federal sources may be added. Unlike loans, grants do not have to be repaid. To apply for the grant, please visit create a personal pin number, and then go to FAFSA. You may also apply here at TSB. If asked, our school code is 009567. This application is FREE….please do not apply at any sites that require a payment to process your FAFSA. Currently, the maximum Pell Grant award is $5775. If you have questions, please call us and we will be happy to assist you.

Federal Student Loans

Tennessee School of Beauty cosmetology and esthetics students may also apply for a Federal Student Loan (aka Direct Loan). This loan program is a loan that does not have to be paid back until 6 months after the student leaves school. The maximum loan for a student considered independent for financial aid purposes is currently $9500 and $5500 for a dependent student. To apply, please go to and complete the Entrance Loan Counseling and then sign the Electronic Master Promissory Note (E-MPN). Please print these out and bring them to the school with you. As always, if you have any questions, please call us and we will be happy to assist you as this process can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Private Student Loans

Due to our long history and outstanding success record, TSB is one of only a handful of cosmetology schools nationwide that has been approved by Sallie Mae to be part of their private loan program. This loan is available for all of our courses (Cosmetology, Nails, Esthetics, and Instructor Training). There are many similarities between the federal loan and the private loan, however, one of the main advantages of the private loan is that students may borrow their entire cost of training, plus up to 60% more than their cost of tuition in order to help with living expenses while they are in school. Visit them online at .

Rehabilitation Service

This aid service may be available to applicants who have, or have had, a physical or emotional disability. For those who are eligible, it is possible that your full tuition could be paid, regardless of family finances. Where family financial ability justifies, all training costs, including a monthly maintenance grant, may be authorized by the agency.

Veterans’ Benefits

Tennessee School of Beauty has met the standards set forth by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and the Veterans’ Administration, and is now an eligible institution for Veterans’ benefits. Eligible students should contact the VA office.

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