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Sales and Marketing Services

Nearly all sales are outsourced . Few manufacturers sell directly to the end user of their products. Most manufactured goods, including pharmaceuticals, travel through a logistics and supply chain between the manufacturing facility and the end customer. Nivagen is an expert at selling in the North American market from manufacturer to the hospital, local distributor and retail level. As a manufacturer, you will want to maximize your sales by using the best sales organization available. Your return on investment and market share will be determined, to a large extent, on the time it takes to penetrate the market. In the North American pharmaceuticals market, It s who you know and your rapport with the client that determines the winners.

Every business has its individual core strengths. One of Nivagen s core strengths the ability of our sales team to launch new generic products in the US market. The Nivagen sales team has decades of experience in launching generic pharmaceuticals. We provide you with complete turnkey sales solution much faster and better than you can build for yourself. With Nivagen you will get instant access to 160 national points of distribution. Nivagen will represent you and your products to chain drug stores, regional wholesalers, mass merchandisers, hospitals, GPO s, mail order pharmacies and other major buying groups.

Nivagen provides you with one stop shopping where will help you formulate sales and marketing strategy, pricing strategy, competition analysis and promotional material. With our logistics partner will take care of all your warehousing, distribution, recalls, invoicing, inventory management, reverse distribution and accounts receivable collection.

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