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    Manage Your Business Personal Contacts
    Schedule Your Appointments Alerts
    Track Project Leads Project Sources
    Manage Invoices Payment Receipts
    Organize Your Digital Documents
    Track Business Personal Expenses
    Manage Projects, Tasks Products
    Manage Customer Support Issues
    Organize Passwords Subscriptions

Contact Management Software

Need of contact management software:

Contacts are the lifeblood of any successful business, more so for the service providing and small business. Efficient contact management not only results in increased business, but also leads to enhanced reputation. Our valued customers keep telling us that our contact management software is very simple and easy to use.

contact management software functions:

Service Desktop Pro s contact management software module functions as a single repository of your critical contact and customer information, categorized by types and roles. What more, communication with your contacts is just a click away.

You can send emails, make telephone calls, send faxes and open contact web pages if you have the required options enabled on your operating system. Intelligent shortcuts ensure that you can associate projects and raise invoices against clients without referring to several other screens.

Powerful and interactive search features enable you to search contacts easily and quickly. Click the images below to enlarge .

Contact Management Software Module Features:

Adding Contacts. Categorize contacts as individuals, company contacts or others and store personal, business and contact information. Segregate contacts as clients and employees. The automatic image resizing function enables you to add pictures to contacts without the hassle of manually resizing pictures.

Searching Contacts. Pro-actively search companies and contacts based on multiple search criteria like first name, last name, date of birth, company etc.

Adding Companies. Add Company / Organization details with whom you do business. You can assign contacts to companies.

Assign Tasks. Assign tasks and bugs to team members and generate invoices and view projects associated with clients. Quick search contacts by dropdown list or contact name.

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