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Colorado dealerships

Buy Here Pay Here Auto Financing in Colorado

Massa Auto Sales Offers Direct Vehicle Financing

Massa Auto Pawn & Sales is a Colorado auto pawn shop where vehicle owners can trade in their vehicles for cash, but we also offer great options if you want to purchase one. Thanks to the Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) program, we can finance your purchase directly. If you have past credit problems, it won’t prevent you from securing a vehicle purchase.

All you need to qualify for the program are:

  • Current and valid driver’s license
  • Proof of residence
  • Down payment
  • Proof of income
  • Current employment details
  • Short list of references

Benefits of the BHPH Program

When they qualify for Buy Here Pay Here, Colorado vehicle buyers in Lakewood, Aurora, or Colorado Springs do not have to worry about their credit ratings or status. They may have poor credit or none at all. The greatest benefit is that vehicle owners can make affordable payments on the schedule that works best for them. Payments can be made on either bi-weekly or monthly payment dates.

Many car dealerships arrange for financing with a third party. However, we can arrange for your loan as we serve as the finance company as well. The approval process is made easy because we are also skilled at selling cars.

If our inventory of used cars in Colorado interests you, the process of approval for our BHPH program is simple.

Even though the state of your credit may not be a concern, review your credit report anyway. Your credit may not be as bad as you think. Plus, it’s good to make sure there are no mistakes holding you back.

If you live in Northglenn or Pueblo, our auto pawn Colorado consumers use for cash is a business that can set you up with a quality used vehicle, but our in-house financing option is a bonus. Everything is set up right at our dealership, so your financing is approved quickly, and you can choose from our most current inventory.

Why Choose BHPH with Massa Auto Pawn Sales

We can set up bank or credit union financing for you, or participate in our layaway program by submitting a down payment to hold your vehicle until you can pay in full. With Buy Here Pay Here, application and approval are handled completely through our dealership. You’ll have a vehicle to drive so long as you can make timely payments. Reasons to choose Massa include:

  • Our company has experience in the business; it was founded in 1990.
  • We have five locations throughout the state.
  • We’re the largest auto pawn shop business in Colorado.
  • A wide range of vehicle types is available (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.).
  • We also have recreational/construction vehicles and watercraft.
  • We’re located in Lakewood, Aurora, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs.

To learn more about our BHPH program and other financing options or receive a free quote, contact us online today!

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