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pharma systems

Via G. Galilei, 26

T + 39 0444 971716

F + 39 0444 553262

Capitale Sociale 90.000,00 i.v.

About Us

Pharma systems

Our Mission towards the future

Pharma systems

CMP was imagined, projected and managed with the target of becoming a high-quality company. A strong moral system, the culture of changing and improving, the values and the responsibilities are the driving force of the modern companies which want to establish themselves in the market. All CMP employees have clear that only through distinction (in method, inside and outside relationships, products and services) the company could guarantee its own future.

Pharma systems

CMP believes a fundamental principle the sharing of processes, operating systems, technological innovations and each successful factor with all the people involved in the company. Information must freely circulate in the company. CMP commits itself to make clear to all external contacts its commercial policy, the goals to be reached and the tools to be used for such aim.

Respect and fulfillment of the undertakings mean highly responsible behaviors and relations with customers to match the expectations and requirements defined in the contractual relationships. When dealing with Customers CMP uses a formal and prompt communication to make well clear the features and economic value of our products/services.

Pharma systems

The environmental protection and the risks prevention are fundamental points in CMP conduct. CMP promotes the energy conservation and the correct utilization of raw materials and recyclable products.

Thanks to the international relations CMP is receptive to new ideas and to the way in which people approach the views and knowledge of others both inside (among all employees) and outside (towards Customers). This does not mean that employees should be conventional or flattened towards their superiors, on the contrary everyone should be put in the proper condition to freely and openly express his/her opinion on technical and managing issues of his/her competence.

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