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Chronological / Combination Resume Example: Medical / Pharmaceutical Sales

Take a look at this resume sample for Medical / Pharmaceutical Sales. It was first written in the functional resume format (see Functional Resume Example: Medical / Pharmaceutical Sales ) back in the 1990s. In those days, functional resumes were used more often. Now, employers don’t like functional resumes. So I converted the functional version to a chronological resume format (below) and changed the dates to make it more current.

About This Sample Resume for Medical / Pharmaceutical Sales

Here are a few things you’ll notice about this chronological resume example:

  • Clear and concise job objective statement. It answers the employer’s first question when reading the resume: How can this job seeker help me with my bottom line?
  • Degree after her name in the heading. We know from the heading that Sarah (not her real name) has a doctor’s degree (she put M.D. after her name). Although she doesn’t want to work as a doctor, she wants the employer to know that she has a medical background that will help in her medical/pharma sales job. This alone might put her ahead of her rivals for the job.
  • Summary statements are in the right order. The most relevant (sales skills) is listed first, followed by her medical background.
  • Job history highlights a successful career change. The chronological format helps the reader see Sarah’s previous career change into her current successful sales career.

What I love about this resume is its get-up-and-go. Sarah is clearly a flexible person who can move from one career to another, and from one country to another — all part of an upward career climb. Her next employer will be lucky to have such a forward-moving person on his team.

From the Collection of Resume Examples

This sample resume and the rest in this collection were built using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder.

This resume was written or critiqued by a member of Susan Ireland’s Resume Team. To learn how to write an effective resume, go to 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume .

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