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Stop Chargebacks Before They Happen

Stop Chargebacks and Avoid Costly Fees, Fines and Penalties

Cardholders are increasingly leaving the merchant out of the dispute process, initiating a chargeback with the issuing bank up to 86% of the time. By the time the merchant learns of the dispute, it’s often too late. The merchant loses the chance to resolve the customer’s issue, determine if true fraud has happened or avoid significant chargeback losses. And it’s only getting worse.

The merchant is left out of the dispute process

Merchants pay a heavy price:

  • Fees, fines, penalties and potential loss of processing privileges
  • Added profit losses—12% of chargebacks are already refunded
  • Fraudsters strategically game this broken system with false claims
  • Excessive staff hours 27% of disputes undergo expensive manual reviews

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5-Time Winner

Stop Chargebacks with Verifi’s Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network “CDRN”

Verifi’s award-winning CDRN enables near real-time communication between the merchant and issuer, to resolve fraud and non-fraud disputes before they become a chargeback. With CDRN, merchants receive timely notification directly from the issuer to resolve the cardholder issue promptly and avoid costly chargebacks that hurt your profits.

Protect Your Bottom Line From Chargebacks

How does CDRN work? CDRN is integrated with the top issuers and redirects disputes from the issuer to you in near real time. CDRN’s patented, “closed loop” system pauses the chargeback process for up to 72 hours, giving you the time you need to review and resolve disputes before they become a costly chargeback and stop added fraud losses from pending fulfillment of goods or services.

Our zero defect guarantee ensures you get the highest quality protection for BOTH fraud and non fraud chargeback risks.

Integrated with top issuing banks, CDRN’s patented, “closed-loop” network pauses the chargeback process for up to 72 hours and redirects cardholder disputes from the bank to the merchant in near real-time.

Merchants get the time they need to assess and resolve the dispute before it becomes a chargeback.

The current chargeback process is costly

Customer bypasses the merchant and contacts the issuer to dispute a charge

With limited information and options, the issuer initiates a chargeback against the merchant

The dispute is received and notice of the chargeback is routed to the acquirer

Acquirer debits the merchant’s account for sale amount

By the time the merchant learns of the dispute-it’s too late-the chargeback has occurred

The broken chargeback process increases representment volume downstream

Lengthy back and forth between merchant, acquirer and issuer to determine liability

CDRN stops the dispute before it becomes a chargeback

Customer bypasses the merchant and contacts the issuer to dispute a charge

Issuer notifies the CDRN merchant of the cardholder dispute in near real time

Merchant has three full days to review and resolve the customer issue and prevent the chargeback

CDRN Benefits

Unmatched Quality & Accuracy

Timely Dispute Notifications

Comprehensive Coverage

Merchant Success

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