Jan 18 2018

Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science – University of Bradford, pharmaceutical science.#Pharmaceutical #science

Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science

The Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science (CPES) is an interdisciplinary research and industrial collaboration centre, which has expertise across the pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry and polymer engineering disciplines.

The Centre has core capabilities in the areas of preformulation analysis including solid state screening, pharmaceutical and healthcare formulation development, drug delivery systems, enabling process technologies including melt processing, proprietary innovative technologies and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) approaches to pharmaceutical and healthcare product development.

The research activity is focused on the design of novel formulation technologies for the development of enhanced pharmaceutical and related products together with process optimisation in the niche areas related to advanced pharmaceutical materials. We also offer expertise and access to a range of proprietary and enabling technologies focused on solubility enhancement of poorly soluble actives and can offer pharmaceutical development services covering a range of drug delivery mechanisms including transdermal, inhaled and more conventional solid dosage oral formulations.

The centre also offers expertise in process understanding and product development to a range of industrial sectors including nutraceuticals, health and personal care, foodstuffs and medical devices. The centre also has a focus on developing innovative green technologies specialising in waste and solvent reduction, energy efficiency and optimisation of processes.

The CPES has established links with research laboratories within the UK, Europe, USA and Canada as well as China and India.

The Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science is one of the Multidisciplinary Research Centres established at the University of Bradford.

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