Jun 12 2018

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global pharm

Global pharm

With offices located around the world, Pharm-Olam provides our staff the opportunity to gain international clinical trial experience. We cover nearly all therapeutic indications in the pharmaceutical industry with services ranging from Phase I to Phase IV studies. Our clients include aggressive start-ups to the largest pharmaceutical firms in the world, giving our employees the opportunity to contribute to a project from the early stages of discovery through later-stage development.

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Global pharm

Global pharm

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Global pharm

Global pharm

Global pharm

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Global pharm

Global pharm

About Pharm-Olam

Your clinical trials are critical stages of a major research and development investment and hold the promise of bringing relief, better health, a more effective therapy, or longer life to patients across the globe.

Pharm-Olam—founded by a physician in 1994—understands the stakes for your company and the investment that rides on this next important phase in your quest for marketing or regulatory approval.

Pharm-Olam is singularly committed to optimizing every aspect of the clinical trial process and every functional area. We have enrolled thousands of patients in planned studies and have been frequently enlisted for rescue studies under some of the most critical time constraints. Milestone and performance-based agreements are employed to assure budgets and timelines are met.

Our personnel and protocols facilitate the most important elements that our clients require – high quality results with lowered risk, reduced total program costs, and shortened time to market.

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Global Headquarters:

450 N. Sam Houston Parkway E.,

Houston, Texas 77060, USA

T: +1 (713) 559-7900

F: +1 (713) 559-7901

European Headquarters:

1st Floor, One Station Square,

Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1QB

T: +44 (0) 1344 891121

F: +44 (0) 1344 890335

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