Apr 13 2019

Car Insurance In Sacramento, CA- Compare Affordable Quotes

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Car Insurance In Sacramento, CA- Compare Affordable Quotes, NEF2.COM

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Sacramento Auto Insurance Quotes

Compare car insurance quotes from Sacramento, California and save

Sacramento, the capital of the state of California, is located in California s expansive Central Valley, right where the Sacramento and American rivers meet. It was first settled as New Helvetia in 1839, where thousands of hopefuls rushed in search of gold, and then became an important trading centre. In 1848 the city was renamed after the Sacramento River. Today, Sacramento s main industries include cattle and poultry, vegetable and fruit farming (due to Sacramento Valley s fertile conditions), and dairy goods. A great percentage of America s food is produced in Sacramento. Other industries and employers include the government, computer and electronics, aerospace, building material, wood products, printing and publishing.

Famous for the flowers that bloom throughout the year, Sacramento is also nicknamed Camellia Capital of the World . Other nicknames include River City, The Big Tomato, Sactown, the City of Trees and Capital City. It has been touted as one of the most livable cities in The United States, as well as the most racially/ethnically integrated and diverse with little inter-racial discord.

The weather in Sacramento is beautiful, with hot and dry summers and mild winters, although it can get foggy for an average of 96 days in the year.

Sacramento has a population of a little over 450,000 residents and has been home to notable people such as actor and president Ronald Reagan, actress Molly Ringwald, and actor, director, and producer Tom Hanks. Sacramento is also known as the center for Dixieland jazz, due to the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, held each Memorial Day weekend, when thousands of fans from all over the world join in the festivities.

If you are not traveling using Sacramento s public transportation system, and instead you are driving a car, it may do you good to check on the amount you are paying on your car insurance. Many find, upon closer inspection, that they are paying more than they need to. Try comparing car insurance rates of some of the largest insurance companies and see how you measure up! Visit: for your Sacramento, Califorinia car insurance quotes today!

If the brokers below cannot help you with your Insurance needs, maybe we can. Please enter your zip code.

Local Sacramento Insurance Agents

  • Allstate Insurance
    8876 Vintage Park Dr Ste 113
    Sacramento, CA
    PH: (916)-683-5755
  • Brooke Auto Insurance
    2431 Northgate
    Sacramento, CA
    PH: (916)-924-3638
  • Chernow & Lieb
    1601 Response Rd
    Sacramento, CA
    PH: (916)-614-3140
  • Fireman’s Fund Insurance
    2995 Prospect Park Dr
    Sacramento, CA
    PH: (916)-503-1009
  • Golden State West Insurance Services
    1501 El Camino Ave
    Sacramento, CA
    PH: (916)-830-1042
  • Hanson John Insurance
    8126 Gerber Rd
    Sacramento, CA
    PH: (916)-689-5200
  • Huffman Dan Insurance
    5330 Madison Ave
    Sacramento, CA
    PH: (916)-344-2878
  • Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
    2495 Natomas Park Dr
    Sacramento, CA
    PH: (916)-614-9924
  • Northwestern Mutual Insurance
    1425 River Park Dr
    Sacramento, CA
    PH: (916)-925-7877
  • Premier Access Insurance
    555 University Ave Ste 182
    Sacramento, CA
    PH: (916)-920-2500
  • Select Producers Insurance
    1540 River Park
    Sacramento, CA
    PH: (916)-922-5416
  • Sequoia Insurance
    4600 Northgate Blvd
    Sacramento, CA
    PH: (916)-925-1779
  • Singh Insurance & Tax Services
    8245 Florin Rd
    Sacramento, CA
    PH: (916)-383-4091
  • Zenith Insurance Co
    1601 Response Rd
    Sacramento, CA
    PH: (916)-614-3140

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