Jul 31 2017

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Canada’s Leading Domain Registrar

24/7/365 Support

We’re here to help – always. Need help adding DNS records, modifying your nameservers, forwarding your URL, or just general advice? All of our support agents are domain experts and available around the clock to answer your inquiries. Canadian’s have been choosing CanSpace for over 10 years for our industry-leading support.

Safe, Secure, Feature Loaded

You’ll have full control over your DNS records with our DNS Zone Manager, as well as the ability to forward your domain, and modify your contact information at any time. Registry Lock can be enabled and disabled on demand, and unlike most Canadian registrars, CanSpace fully supports DNSSEC – the latest set of security extensions to DNS.

CIRA Certified

CanSpace is a CIRA certified registrar. Unlike domain resellers, CIRA certified registrars have to meet CIRA’s stringent compliance policies and qualify for recertification on an annual basis. Being CIRA certified means that CanSpace is trustworthy, reliable, and meets the highest possible criteria for being a domain registrar. Don’t trust you domains to anything less!

Get the Name You Want

Even though over two million .ca domain names have already been registered, they are still much more widely available in the exact name you want than .com domains. You’ll get a short and appropriate .ca domain name that says you’re Canadian, not a long and unrelated .com name that says you’re one of almost 70 million organizations that most Canadians view as American!

Reach Canadians Where they Shop

Polls have proven that Canadian citizens prefer .ca websites over .com websites for banking, shopping, news, entertainment, education, and general web browsing. In fact, even international customers trust .ca domains more than .com domains. That means more trust for your site and your business. ca domains are being registered more rapidly in Canada than any other domain including .com!

Identify Yourself as Canadian

One way to express your national pride is by putting a distinctly Canadian face on our digital presence. Sure, we’re proud, but it also makes good business sense – .ca sites are trusted around the world, just as Canadians wear the maple leaf on lapel pins and backpacks are so often greeted warmly when travelling abroad. Call it the Canadian dividend.

Compare us to the Competitors!

The only thing you need to transfer a domain to CanSpace is the EPP code for your domain. This can be obtained from your current registrar (usually found online in their client area). For .ca domains, the transfer is completed instantly once you provide the EPP code – there are no additional steps. For .com and other domains, a verification email will be sent to the registrant contact of your domain and you must click the link in this email to verify the transfer.

No, there is absolutely no downtime when you transfer a domain to CanSpace. Your nameserver settings are all retained during the transfer, and there will be absolutely no interruption of service whatsoever.

No! There is nothing lost by transferring or renewing early – in fact, we recommended you transfer long before the expiry date in case you forget and your domain ends up expiring. When you renew or transfer your domain, 1 year is added on to the end of the existing expiry date. Say for example your domain currently expires on July 5th, 2024. If you transfer your domain today, the new expiry date would be July 5th, 2025.

Certainly! Domains can be transferred between CanSpace clients free of charge – simply open a support ticket with this request and it will be completed promptly. If the new person is not an existing CanSpace client, they can register for an account on our site free of charge so that the domain can be transferred to them.

Definitely! You can use our DNS Zone Manager to set everything up free of charge! Alternatively, you can let CanSpace handle the setup for you – for a one-time fee of $14.99, we will configure all the required records (including all MX and CNAME entries), verify your Google Apps account, and include lifetime hosting on our own DNS servers. To order this service, please open a support ticket in our client area.

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