Apr 27 2018

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Pharma packaging

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pharma packaging

From our Bosch Packaging Pharmaceutical Operations facility in Minneapolis, we wish you and yours a very happy, healthy, safe Thanksgiving holiday!

Higher profitability through improved parts management

Pharma packaging

Nowadays storage space is rare and, above all, expensive. Nevertheless, it is essential for every manufacturing company to have the right part available in case of a machine breakdown. More

Wiewelhove, Bosch and GKF – an unbeatable team

Pharma packaging

Wiewelhove GmbH is a family-owned contract manufacturer of solid oral dosage forms for pharmaceuticals, medical products and nutritional supplements. More

Bosch at AAPS this week

Pharma packaging

Bosch is wrapping up a great few days at the AAPS annual meeting in San Diego. Bosch has been exhibiting More

The 500th post on this blog!

Pharma packaging

This is the 500th post on the Bosch Packaging Pharma Blog!

We started this blog in 2010, to bring our readers the latest in industry information, product features, aftermarket support, technical tips, white papers, how-to videos, and more.

Now, 7½ years after we started, this blog has been named among the top 50 Pharma Blogs Websites in the world and More

Bosch Isolators: Continuous Improvement based on long term experience

Pharma packaging

There has been an increase of Isolator Containment production lines in the last 20 years. In this time, Bosch has installed more than 125 highly sophisticated isolator-based lines all over the world. With each installation, we gain more insight into More

Mini White Paper: Pharmaceutical Liquid Filling Systems A Succinct Comparison and Selection Guide

Pharma packaging

Having sold filling lines for all types of liquid pharmaceutical products (hundreds of lines in aggregate), Bosch Packaging Technology is in a unique position to advise on filling system selection.

The attributes comparison presented in Tables 1 through 5 conveys, generally speaking and irrespective of the offering manufacturer, the primary strengths and weaknesses of the various filling systems based on the properties of the fill media, availability of additional functionality, filling tolerance, capital cost, and overall benefits and limitations, while Figure 1 summarizes the main considerations diagrammatically.

Video: Automate the loading of empty capsules into your Bosch GKF capsule filler

Pharma packaging

The Nilfisk® Empty Capsule Conveyor model 9505 is designed to convey empty capsules sizes 000 5 at a rate in excess of the highest output Bosch capsule filler. This unique conveyor uses a blower to gently push the capsules through rigid sanitary piping without damage. The conveyor has a More

The first Bosch SD Symposia series in India

Pharma packaging

Successful start in India: Our first series of events under the topic of Solid Dosage Forms took place in India in October. More

Bosch Controlled Release Workshop November 7th

Pharma packaging

Bosch will be holding our Controlled Release Workshop on November 7 th at our partner facility, Protoform, in Westampton, New Jersey.

This full day workshop will include both classroom presentations by industry experts and practical sessions at our lab. More

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