Dec 24 2016

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#biotech company


Biotech Company of the Year

Award Description

This award recognizes a Canadian biotech company that has distinguished itself from its peers with strong overall performance as a company, demonstrated leadership and shown significant achievement. It will have reached milestones in terms of financing, product introduction, and / or partnerships during the year that has allowed the company to be recognized as a leader. The company will have established a solid foundation for a strong and diverse pipeline, and impressive potential for sales and earnings. This award is based on performance in the previous calendar year.


  • 2015 – Stemcell Technologies
  • 2014 Agrisoma
  • 2013 Xenon
  • 2012 Enobia
  • 2011 Cardiome Pharma
  • 2010 OncoGenex Technologies Inc.
  • 2009 Arius Research Inc.
  • 2008 BioMS Medical Corp
  • 2007 Theratechnologies Inc.,
  • 2006 Aspreva Pharmaceuticals
  • 2005 SemBioSys Genetics Inc.
  • 2004 Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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