Oct 12 2017

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Welcome To Bethany

Bethany Divinity College And Seminary

Distance Learning Programs

Bible, Theology, Christian Education, Christian Counseling,

Pastoral Ministry, or Missiology

Welcome to Bethany Divinity College and Seminary. Bethany was founded for the purpose of providing courses of study whereby those called into the Gospel ministry might have a place to study, and graduate in a timely manner, and get onto the field of labor for our Lord. Bethany has been providing educational courses and seminary degrees for over three decades; helping prepare students for the work of the Gospel ministry. Moreover, it is not necessary to uproot your family and move to a distant city to earn your degree. You can now study off campus and become a seminary graduate through our distance learning or correspondence Bible courses. Bethany offers both on-site and distance learning programs of study.

The Essentials of success with any student who enters the Gospel ministry is to be thoroughly prepared. Therefore, Bethany Divinity College and Seminary has prepared well thought out programs of study in the fields of Bible, Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Missions, Christian Education and Christian counseling whereby the graduating student will have the knowledge needed to carry out his objective. Every student who is thoroughly prepared for his or her respective ministry will generally find doors opened on the basis of proven competence. You can gain this competence through Bethany’s distance learning or on-site programs of study.

Bethany is focused on the essentials of the Christian ministry. Both the college and seminary divisions have sought to select the proper courses of study required for the field of study desired by the student. These courses were chosen on the basis that they will expedite the time spent in the student’s learning process, making it possible to learn those things necessary for the work of the ministry in a more timely fashion. Moreover, a student may enroll into one of Bethany’s distance learning (correspondence course) programs of study any time during the year, complete the requirements for graduation, then attend the graduation exercise held on the main campus.

Bethany is convenient for the student by providing an affordable Christian education; allowing the student to study at his or her own pace and earn a Bible College Degree at home. This allows the student to study around their work and family schedules. In addition, many current pastors find distance learning and off-campus programs, as well as correspondence courses ideal, in that they can gain additional biblical knowledge and earn a college or seminary degree without taking time away from their pastoral duties. Some pastors are able to incorporate what they are studying into current sermons, saving even more time. Contact Bethany Divinity College and Seminary today to learn more about a program of study. Clicking one of the links found in the menu on the upper left of our web page.

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