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What is BARB?

Find out more about the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board and how we do what we do.

Industry research

The UK Television Landscape Report

The latest edition covers Q2 2017.

Industry research

The Viewing Report

Find out more in Trendspotting.

Industry research

The new-look TV Player Report

TV player data can now be searched, filtered and downloaded.

Industry research

BARB statement on data delays

Industry research

New online TV viewing white paper

Industry research

BARB appoints Communications Manager

Why is BARB planning a hybrid future?

Industry research

Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board

Founded by the major players in the industry it supports, BARB is a not-for-profit limited company.

It is one of the UK’s Joint Industry Currencies.

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About Joint Industry Currencies

The Joint Industry Currencies are unique. The industry created them to provide audience numbers and trading metrics for each advertising medium.

They are owned and developed by the communications industry. Advertisers, agencies and media owners work in concert to deliver one, credible and objective trading currency for each medium.

As well as creating the standard metrics that serve as the bedrock for evaluating and trading advertising media, the joint industry currencies also provide critical inputs that enable advertisers and their agencies to understand the effectiveness of cross-media marketing campaigns.

How they are built and how they work is open to scrutiny – they are transparent in what they do. The currencies are the most robust and comprehensive datasets available. Each is produced and offered at cost, delivering unrivalled value for money.

The UK Joint Industry Currencies are ABC, BARB, JICPOPS, JICREG, JICWEBS, PAMCO, RAJAR and ROUTE.

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