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Austin Bail Bonds

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As an Austin Criminal Defense Firm, we have helped all types of people bail out of the Travis County Jail. Whether your friend or loved one has been arrested for a felony, misdemeanor or for a combination of different criminal charges, call now to get immediate help and to make this process as quick and painless as possible, cal l (512) 476-4626 .

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a money guarantee made by a criminal defendant or someone that has been arrested that used to guarantee their appearance in court if they are released from jail. The purpose of a bail bond is to ensure that someone who has been arrested will come back to court for all required court proceedings until the case is over. If the defendant fails to appear at a court date or violates any condition of bond, the court can forfeit the bond and issue a warrant for the defendants arrest.

When Is Bond Set?

At some point after someone has been arrested, they will appear in court where the magistrate judge sets a bail amount. However, obtaining a lawyer to secure the release of your friend or loved one from jail is the first thing you should do after they are arrested. A lawyer can meet with the accused at the jail at all hours of the day or night to complete the bond paperwork with the accused. A lawyer can also present the bond to a Magistrate Judge for the setting of a bond and for consideration of release.

Types of Bail Bonds

Personal Bond

Almost everyone who is arrested and taken to the Travis County Jail will at some point be interviewed by the Travis County Pre-Trial Services Office to see if they qualify for a personal bond. Depending on the number of individuals arrested at the time, staff availability or whether the person was arrested after normal business hours, it can take the Pre-Trial Services Office over 12 hours to approve or deny a bond for an individual. However, most detainees want to be released much sooner than that.

However, in most cases. hiring a lawyer can considerably speed up the jail release process, as a lawyer can offer quick and personalized attention to an individual bond (arrestee). A lawyer can meet with the accused at the jail at all hours of the day or night to complete the bond paperwork with the accused. A lawyer can also present the bond to a Magistrate Judge for the setting of a bond and for consideration of release. If an accused has not yet been “magistrated,” a lawyer can “waive magistration,” which can often times save someone hours of time sitting in jail. By law, only licensed Texas attorneys can waive magistration. Neither the Travis County Pre-Trial Services Office nor a bail bondsman can perform this process.

Pre-Trial Services Office uses strict criteria to determine if a person is eligible for a personal bond and, very often, a person will not be approved for a Personal Bond unless an attorney is retained. You can contact the Law Office of Kevin Bennett at (512) 476-4626 to discuss this option.

Cash Bond

A Cash Bond is the easiest, but usually the most expensive way to post bail. Most people cannot afford this option. For example, if a person’s bail is set at $25,000, you can go to the Travis County Jail with $25,000 in cash or by way of cashiers check or money order made payable to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office. This Cash Bond will likely remain posted with the court throughout the pendency of the case. Some criminal cases can remain active for more than one year. During that time, that cash is held by the county and if the Defendant fails to appear for a court date or the bail is forfeited for any reason, you could lose the entire $25,000 that you posted with the county. Of course, you would also not have access to the $25,000 in case of emergency or personal need. Another major concern when considering posting a cash bond on someone’s behalf is once a defendant’s case is completely over, the bond money returned is returned to the defendant, regardless of who paid the bond.

Surety Bond (Bail Bondsman)

It some cases it is necessary to hire an Austin bail bond company to post the bond amount to secure the release of someone from the Travis County Jail. Bail bondsmen in Austin typically charge a non-refundable fee of at least 10-20% of the bond amount to get someone out of jail and will usually require a cosigner on the bond, possibly making the cosigner personally liable for the total amount of the bond if for any reason the bond is revoked or forfeited. Often times a cosigner will have to offer collateral of up to twice as much as the bond amount. Examples of such collateral are a deed to your home, or “pink slip” to your car or other property that you will stand to lose if the accused fails to show up in court when required to do so. If your friend loved one fails to appear in court, the court can come after the bail bond company for the full bond amount. The bail bonds company can then come after the cosigner for the full bond amount and can keep the property they are holding as collateral to secure payment.

Another disadvantage of hiring a bail bondsman is that it is usually the most expensive route in getting someone released from jail. As previously mentioned, hiring a bail bondsman can often times cost much more than the previously mentioned options and the money used to hire a bail bondsman can never be put toward the attorney’s fees in a case. In most cases, we can apply part or the entire jail release fee towards the legal fees in representing the accused in the criminal matter that led to the arrest if Kevin Bennett is retained in the matter. However, if the case warrants and it does become necessary to hire an Austin bail bonds company; our office will work closely with the bail bond company to secure the release of your loved one.

Austin Bail Bonds

We understand that getting a friend or family member out of jail can be confusing and stressful. If you have been on the receiving end of a phone call asking for help, you could be completely overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start, who to trust, or where to go. If you need bail or if you have been contacted by a loved one to post bail on his or her behalf, call us now so that we can get started on the release of your loved one.

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