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Atlanta Biological Pvt. Ltd is a professionally managed global pharmaceutical company with an extensive history of industrial entrepreneurship and an aim to provide quality branded and generic pharmaceutical products all throughout the globe. With broad range of technology platforms, we develop and augment the intellectual property around our product portfolio.

We deal with various formulations including tablets, capsules, sterile, injectables, oral contraceptives, nutritional products, lyophilised vials, cytotoxics, vials, form-filled seals, liquids, semi-solids and pre filled syringes. Atlanta Biological has an outstanding generic pipeline and all our products are developed under the direction of highly skilled scientists employed by Atlanta Biological and in collaboration with other global pharmaceutical companies and various research facilities.

We work every day to follow our commitment to integrity, excellence and respect for humanity in all that we do. These values are the driving force for us. With continuous improvement we strive to make better lives of people around the world.

Atlanta Biological Pvt Ltd is a pharmaceutical product company which is a part of multimillion group of companies, based out of Atlanta USA and Kolkata, India.

Atlanta Biological made its presence in the global pharma market with niche therapeutic segments. We are focused on developing a portfolio consisting of our most advanced product candidates for the betterment of the society.

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