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Welcome to the Beginning of Your Culinary Journey!

Consider your passion, culinary inclinations and how far you want to go with it. In AICA, this passion gets fired up, your inclinations enriched, and your path made clearer. With a proven track record of 12 years of indulging students in culinary excellence and intensive industry-based programs, you are sure to start your journey with established foundations and global competency. Make that first step and start your culinary journey with us!


The Academy’s roots are grounded in classic culinary arts; however, its diploma programs ensure that your experience in it will definitely be global.

AICA’s Premiere Diploma

This program combines the mastery of both Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts. In less than two years, you gain the edge of becoming a well-rounded chef, excelling in both fields.

Diploma for International Culinary Arts

This NCII TESDA-accredited course is the latest development to the Academy’s Culinary Arts Diploma Program with the objective of making world-class culinary education possible and accessible to anyone dreaming of becoming a chef.

Diploma for Advanced International Culinary Arts and Professional Kitchen Management

It is composed of subjects that teach you specific skills and knowledge that intensifies in difficulty as you progress. Skills such as basic knife handling, sauce making, cooking methods and techniques, to name a few, are practiced even in the succeeding lessons and since partnered with more hands – on training, mastery is achieved.

The Diploma in Baking and Pastry Arts

Imagine a program that sets you on that path to becoming an accomplished professional pastry chef making crusty breads, delectable pastries, and elegant, intricately designed cakes. A chef that is what the industry is looking for. This perfect 10 program will guide you on a journey that begins with a better understanding of the baking profession and the skills necessary to thrive in this industry.

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