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The Key To Truly Effective Healthcare Research

While all products must deliver on efficacy and safety, in most healthcare categories differentiation is challenging. A products’ success or failure often comes down to the successful implementation of effective and differentiating sales, marketing, pricing, positioning and communication strategies.

Conducting effective research in this market depends on understanding not only the topic in hand, but in understanding the bigger picture business context underpinning clinical decision-making, as well as engaging with the person behind the professional.

At ACA Research, we pride ourselves on understanding how to reach and engage healthcare and associated professionals, grounding our research insights within the commercial context in which prescribing decisions and recommendations are made. With a team of dedicated healthcare researchers and brand consultants, we know how to tap into the subtleties of your market to help you differentiate and ultimately to succeed.

We have a pragmatic approach to project work, designing and delivering research, building on the information that already exists in our clients’ business to get you more of what you don’t know rather than more of what you do.

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We Have Extensive Experience To Draw On For Your Next Project

Whether you’re looking to understand:

  • Referral pathways
  • The market for new therapies
  • Prescribing behaviour among specialists when treating a specific patient group and the rationale behind those prescribing decisions
  • How Healthcare Professionals perceive your service offer and how you can optimise the customer experience you provide
  • Professional likelihood to recommend specific brands in a particular category
  • The changing aged care landscape and how to optimise your service proposition
  • How best to align your sales and marketing activities on a company-wide basis

Each category requires specific knowledge for any research programme to be effective. We can provide that knowledge across the following sectors:

  • OTC medicines
  • Prescription and behind-the-counter medications (schedule 3 and 4 medicines)
  • Specialist and niche products
  • Medical devices and diagnostics
  • Hospital consumables
  • Consumer health, well-being and personal care
  • Aged care products, services and facilities
  • Food and nutrition

We Recognise The Importance Of The Setting These Professionals Work In



  • Specialists
  • Surgeons
  • Pharmacists
  • Emergency Staff
  • Nurse Unit Managers
  • Nurses
  • Allied Health Staff


  • Purchasing
  • Procurement And Contract Managers
  • Hospital Administration
  • Formulary And Evaluation Commitee Members
  • Logistics Managers

At ACA Research, as well as establishing the opportunity for specific pharmaceutical products and devices, we aim to understand the bigger, more holistic picture of what it means to be healthy. And the increasingly substantiated link between what we eat and our health status has captured our attention.

The hospital purchasing market is undergoing significant change. Buying points are diminishing in Australian Hospitals and there is an increase in centralisation of procurement services across public hospitals.

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