Feb 14 2018

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Yash Pharma Laboratories Pvt Ltd

About Us

YASH PHARMA LABORATORIES PVT LTD is a pharmaceutical company located at Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, and also the capital of state of Maharashtra.

Yash Pharma owes its origins to the entrepreneurial vision of a U.K trained clinician, late Dr. N.M. Shah, M.D, M.R.C.P whose special interest was treating Tuberculosis. Incorporating the company in 1972, he named it YASH, after his son Yashodhan.

Yash also connotes in Sanskrit attainment of an exalted status through hard work.

A doctor entrepreneur that he was, Dr. Shah dedicated Yash to alleviating the sufferings of patients through Medicines and Healthcare.

Mr. Yashodhan Shah (Chairman and Managing Director)

Mr. Atri Shah (Director)

Mrs. Nayna Shah (Director)

Mrs. Falguni Shah (Director)

Mr. Yashodhan Shah, the Chairman, looks after manufacturing of brands marketed by Yash Pharma. He also controls contract manufacturing facility allocation to many other pharmaceutical companies.

With 35-year-long hands on experience and expertise in manufacturing and factory management, he single-handedly managers Quality Control and Manufacturing activities, assisted by a team of technocrats. For meeting production timelines and direct supervision, Mr. Yashodhan has relocated himself to stay close to the manufacturing unit.

Mr. Atri Shah (Director), nurtured in a medical and pharmaceutical environment, has matured into an entrepreneur and a marketer with global perspectives. His ambitious plans are the driving force behind the cherished vision of Yash becoming an integral part of global pharmaceutical fraternity, while continuing to consolidate domestic operations.

The entire gamut of operations is professionally managed by a core group comprising of the CMD, Director, CFO Business Controller. This combined pool of core competencies across diverse faculties of business operations ranging from manufacturing to marketing to finance business imparts a synergistic advantage to the overall management leading to a smooth progression towards achievement of corporate objective.

As a Rs400mn marketing company, we strongly believe in and cherish the philosophy of brand building through quality promise. We take pride to claim that every product that leaves our factory premises comes with a promise of delivering the best. With this active assurance we have an established presence of close to four decades in domestic market and have attained leadership position with our flagship brand EUKROMA , the No.1 Skin Lightening Cream. Our innovative brand CAR-OD, pioneer Cough Cold formulations of Lemolinctus range and unique anti-protozoal formulation Tinilox MPS add other feathers in our cap.

We have a strong pan-India (including Nepal) presence through a dedicated team of approx. 400 people carrying YASH brands to more than 60000 clinicians spread across the specialties comprising of Dermatology, Gynecology, Pediatric, Physicians, Ophthalmology General Practitioners.

We also serve as a manufacturing facility for select companies institutions who are equally committed to the philosophy of offering quality products to the mankind.

After the usual learning curve, followed by a confident performance in the domestic market of India for over 4 decades, Yash Pharma is now spreading its wings in all directions and has attained a critical mass to carry its ambitious growth plans to overseas pharmaceutical markets like Latin America, Africa, and South East Asia.

A beginning has been made in the markets of African countries such as Kenya, Rwanda Uganda, South East Asian countries like Cambodia, Vietnam Bhutan and Latin American countries like Nicaragua Venezuela.

Yash has aspirations to become a Rs 1000-million company by the year 2015. A blue-print is already in place.

Towards achieving this end, Yash Pharma has a plan of scaling up its domestic operations through expansion of product portfolio as well as field force.

On product front new introductions are already planned. In terms of manpower from present 400 field personnel, we plan to expand to 600 to reach and carry our brands to 40000 more doctors.

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