Sep 14 2017

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2-Year Associate Degree Programs

You can choose success with an associate of arts (AA) degree.

Associate of Arts – The State College Guarantee
The associate of arts (AA) is a two-year program for students who wish to pursue a four-year degree at Daytona State or another college or university. When you earn an AA degree at Daytona State College. you are guaranteed admission as a junior to Florida public universities.

DSC also offers the special DirectConnect to UCF program, giving AA students guaranteed admission to the university as a junior and guided support from day 1. DirectConnect to UCF applies to DSC students graduating with an AA, or an AS degree in certain programs including Photography, Criminal Justice or Hospitality Management.

You can find out more information and complete the sign up for DirectConnect to UCF on their webpage.

2+2 = Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees at Daytona State College
Earn your associate degree from Daytona State and apply for admission to the Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management, Bachelor of Science in Education (7 choices), Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology or the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Or, you can grow your career options with an associate of science (AS) degree.

  • AS degrees prepare you for immediate entry into the workforce.
  • Daytona State offers more than 30 AS degrees in a variety of career fields.
  • AS programs can be completed in two years.
  • Many AS programs will transfer to four-year universities.
  • Or, continue your studies in one of Daytona State’s 11 bachelor’s degree programs.*
  • According to Florida Department of Education data**, many Daytona State AS programs have placement rates above 90 percent.
  • According to the US Department of Labor, people with AS degrees often can earn as much or more than someone with a bachelor’s degree in a variety of employment fields.

*Speak with an academic advisor to learn more.
**Based on 2012-2013 data on the number of students who are working in a degree-related field, continuing postsecondary education or serving in the military.

Now, choose your career field:

Get down to Business

From managing business finances and day-to-day operations to doing legal research or starting your own company, Daytona State’s two-year business degrees can get you started on a great career.

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