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10 Best Freelance Biotechnology Jobs Online In September 2016 #digital #pharma

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Biotechnology Jobs

Hourly – Expert ($$$) – Est. Time: Less than 1 month, Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted

I need a person that specialize in Nano technology. I need convert certain compounds to the Nano size to become water soluble and to be more absorbable by humans. I need an outline how to do the processes and the equipment required. Example of a company doing what am trying to do. CBD NanoUltra CBD Nano Ultra is a water-based concentrate that can easily be added to any water-soluble product such as water and beverages. Through advanced physics and chemistry, Isodiol uses ion-sized nutrients (the size that can move through cells’ membranes) and cleverly encases them with water molecules. Due to this incredible technology, people have reported faster response times with great results. Nano-materials are tiny particles measured in nanometers, or billionths of a meter. Due to their incredibly small size, nano-particles ingested in food and water are fundamentally different and can move throughout the body in advanced ways. Experts on nanotechnology are virtually unanimous that nanoscale materials have the potential for health effects that are uniquely different from the same substances comprised of larger-sized molecules. Nano-materials are already being added to foods, supplements and cosmetics.

Hourly – Expert ($$$) – Est. Time: Less than 1 month, Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted

We are looking to formulate a liquid or shampoo combination that will kill flea eggs and larvae. Kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes- Repels biting flies. Kills lice. Formulation needs to be unique, containing proprietary blend of ingredients. Should be affective on cats and dogs. Ingredients should be all natural and kill fleas and ticks on contact. This website has a list of competitors including ingredients used. aid=598

Fixed-Price – Intermediate ($$) – Est. Budget: $2,000 – Posted

Looking for a young geneticist, biotechnologist or molecular biologist or bioinformatician or biostatistician to complete smart data entry in a custom genotyping db. Tasks to perform: 1. Public db search about SNPs population frequencies (Ancestral allele frequency) for different ethnicity 2. Publications data mining to determinate the SNPs interpretation (Risk allele) according to a specific metabolic need 3. Writing Gene function description in relationship to this specific metabolic need 4. Writing short SNPs descriptions according to the specific metabolic need. 400 SNPs. Job ready to start. Budget to be defined.

Hourly – Intermediate ($$) – Est. Time: 3 to 6 months, 10-30 hrs/week – Posted

Would like to find a consultant to help me create a new food product. These will be liquid nootropics. They will need to withstand high temperatures and will need to be very potent. We will also discuss the shelf life of them.

Hourly – Intermediate ($$) – Est. Time: 1 to 3 months, Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted

this is my concept. need help to create a patch with this drug, the patch will be then stuck on human skin which will have micro chip. as this drug when released on the skin will have the reading from the sweat. which will analize the alcohol level. the reading will be then communicated via micro chip to the mobile phone. i need help with the drug – like what will be the ration we need to have it on the patch what will be the patch made of c please check url for the futher information University of California, San Diego (UCSD) has recently created this

Hourly – Expert ($$$) – Est. Time: 1 to 3 months, Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted

I am interested in updating and adding to an existing medical device known as the NeuRx Diaphragmatic Pacing System (DPS). This system allows quadriplegics and persons with ALS to breathe independently of conventional mechanical ventilation. The DPS uses a fixed number of pulses per minute, which works well, but does not allow the user to experience fluid control over his or her speech pattern. My intent is to reengineer the electronic control box that regulates varying inputs and to incorporate a pressure sensor into it. This will allow the user to draw breaths as needed, rather than waiting for the next pulse. I am doing this for personal use only and have no plans or intent to bring thing to market.

Fixed-Price – Intermediate ($$) – Est. Budget: $150 – Posted

We are a small business R D company based in Alabama, USA. We need a graphic design expert who offers services to researchers for publication in scientific journals. We are in the process of submitting one to an Elsevier journal. For this, we have one figure that requires to be more artistic and telling. We have a sample figure with some initial ideas for augmentation listed in the uploaded PPT file (can also be downloaded from the link below). The sample image is in Slide 1 and related questions are also listed in Slide 2. PPT File Download Link: Would like to know thoughts on this? A sample you may create will be helpful to proceed with an order. Based on your feedback and sample processed image, we can provide the final figure. We need to get this all done i.e. sample and the possible final order by Aug 12. Look forward to your swift response.

Hourly – Expert ($$$) – Est. Time: Less than 1 month, Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted

We are a biotech startup working on a number of developments in the bioplastics industry and require experienced professionals with proven trajectory to provide consultancy.

Fixed-Price – Intermediate ($$) – Est. Budget: $18 – Posted

You should have previous writing experience and some academic knowledge of science and biotechnology topics. You will need to be able to refer to statistics in the writing (using text links, not footnotes).

Fixed-Price – Intermediate ($$) – Est. Budget: $100 – Posted

PFA the details. Word-count – 2000 – 3000 The research project is about the Copy Number variation of Carboxylesterase CES1 gene. Gene copy number variation, where different individuals have different numbers of the same gene, is an extensive source of variation between different individuals, with a higher mutation rate than single DNA nucleotides. The extent to which it contributes to disease susceptibility and recent human evolution is unclear. A recent study comparing genomes of different human populations across the world suggested that a copy number variation involving the CES1 (liver carboxylesterase 1) gene shows the largest difference in copy number between different populations. Liver carboxylesterase 1 is involved in the metabolism of cocaine, heroin and several pharmaceutical drugs, including glycovir (an anti-HIV1 drug), aspirin and dabigatran etexilate (an anticoagulant) involved in prevention of stroke in individuals with atrial fibrillation. Liver carboxylesterase 1 is also involved in the invasion of P.falciparum into the liver. Aims Objectives: 1. Develop a robust molecular genetic assay for CES1 copy number. 2. Predict and investigate the effect of copy number on gene structure and expression. 3. Predict and investigate the duplications between UK Caucasians and find the frequency of duplicated alleles. What I have done? I have designed PRT assays to measure the copy number of CES1 gene. You will find the principle of the PRT in the introduction. I have design two PRT assay including. cis_PRT and trans_PRT. Only cis_PRT has worked and measure the copy number precisely when I applied it on known copy number positive controls. trans_PRT did not work and I excluded it from the experiment. I have run the cis_PRT assay on 5 positive controls and 34 samples from UK Caucasians. I have found that 9 samples from UK Caucasians have duplications as shown in the result. 8 out of 9 have heterozygote duplication alleles, while one have homozygote duplication allele. What I want from you? In the result part, if you could calculate the frequency of duplications between UK Caucasians and also calculate the frequency of heterozygote duplication alleles and the frequency of homozygote duplication allele. If you could apply the Hardy-Weinberg equation to calculate the frequency of those duplications alleles and then write the DISCUSSION PART. Thank you.

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